How to make Koji Kin

Today we discuss the arduous task of preparing your rice for Saké, including growing your MOLD! Saké is very different from all other fermented beverages because it requires a fungi (Aspergillus oryzae) to break down the rice starch into simple sugars and flavonoids. These simple sugars are then consumed by the bacteria and fermented. This fungi, called Kōji Kin, is incubated on steamed rice for 2-5 days where is colonizes prior to the Moto.

Please note, if you are making rice for Kōji Kin that you do not add chilled water to cool the rice down. This video is applicable to all rice additions during the Moto (mash buildup). Next video, we will show how to make the Saké as well as what your Kōji Kin should look like when it is finished.

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