Welcome to Happenstence, where passion for quality beer craftsmanship meets healthy living.


Locally founded in 2021 in Austin, TX , this business started out of pure happenstence. We had a pear tree growing in the yard that produced a heavy crop one summer, and I decided to use the fruit rather than let it go to waste...what an idea that was!


Bucket of Pears

That very month, I brewed my first batch of fruit wine...the Dirty Ol Pear/Blueberry Wine. Obviously, Wine has to be aged in the bottle before it tastes good usually around 6 months, and at this point I caught the bug. Weeks after sampling my unfinished product I tried my hand at brewing beer on the stove! That beer turned out to be...drinkable. Ever since, I have been trying new recipes from scratch and constantly looking for ways to improve my product. 


Fast forward a few years to 2024, Happenstence is now sells it's own lines of apparel, dietary supplements, and drinkware. Not to mention, the beer menu has been expanded with some formidable homebrew that I have reviewed by friends and a judge. Our beer cannot be sold, so we have expanded into the vitamin and supplement market.


We also have a steady stream of videos and blogs being posted to all platforms. This content consists of education and tricks I have learned along the way gardening, homebrewing, and researching new products.


Happenstence Lineup


Join us on our journey as we continue to grow, innovate, and share our passion for great taste and wholesome living. Thanks for stopping by and cheers!



Cooper Stence, Owner